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Abori Blue

Abori Blue


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With it's lovely tones of turquoise, blue & green, the Abori Blue print will instill a stylish and chic ambiance to any occasion; the blue version will add a touch of playfulness. It'll remind you of the island's turquoise water and the chic yet relaxed ambiance that emanates from it. Just imagine the flowy Polynesian-style clothing that makes them so unique to travel to. The Abori Blue ice bucket will allow your mind to travel to those shores in an instant. 

Featuring a double-walled insulation drum, our premium 3 quart bucket keeps your ice chilled for up to 5 hours. The print is created from 1 yard of premium fabric, producing a unique texture effect and depth vs a traditional flat digital print. The bucket is sealed with a durable and eco-friendly lamination to protect the fabric and ensure easy maintenance. All of our buckets are made from 100% recycled materials. Ice tongs included. Made with love, by hand, in the USA.     

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