Domino Madness

Domino Madness


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"Bond... James Bond! This is where the inspiration for this classic yet modern design comes from. Just like the perfectly tailored Bond Tux, this item fits just right in any decor and brings elegance to it. This black & white ice bucket is just right with a stirred, not shaken, martini with a lemon twist. It will keep your drinks ice-cold while adding a classic touch. The premium 3-quart bucket presents a unique three-dimensional design that comes from its real fabric. The lamination process guarantees that it's durably sealed, protecting it and allowing it to shine. Set yourself apart with the Domino ice bucket. This product is easy to maintain while bringing you the refinement you are looking for. Every bucket is made of 100 % recycled materials and comes with ice tongs. Its double-walled insulation can keep your ice chilled for up to 5 hours. Made with love, by hand, in the USA. "

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