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Table set... check!

Music to set the mood... check!

Dressed to impress... check!

Yet, you’re still missing that extra je ne sais quoi to your setting? Add these ice buckets and make every drink something to talk about.

Your RSVP is sent, and you’re headed to the next fab party. There’s only one problem: what you should buy as a gift? Scented candles...been there, done that! Wine’ll get lost with all the other ones. It’s time for a more useful, memorable and meaningful sentiment. These trendsetting ice buckets make the perfect gift and are sure to help break the ice!

Holds ice and keeps every drink cold and ready to be served
Proudly manufactured in the USA
Made from recycled plastic with love for the environment
Makes the perfect gift for every hostess
Accentuates the décor and starts conversation with every glass


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