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  • I’m here on the table, on the bar, on the counter, on the shelf I know you see me, I know everyone sees me. You and everyone is thinking how wonderful I am How luxuriously I sit and I wait for that perfect moment I’ve become part of your lifestyle, part of your home How you couldn’t and wouldn’t want to live without me I make you smile I make you want to share me I serve a purpose, I’ve become a necessity, Enjoy life, laugh, giggle, spend time with friends with family Share me with the ones you love Just keep me close and I’ll remain yours 4 ever With love Your nicebucket Xox
  • A Party Starts Everything

    It all started when our founder, Aysha, was setting up her home for one of her usual summer get-togethers. Her appetizer table of mixed fruit, cheeses & chacuterie was looking cute & delicious with her fun plateware & accent pieces. Happy with the results she turned to the bar and everything was coming together nicely except for a boring traditional white ice bucket. Disappointed that it wasn't quite coming together, she took one of her cute patterned scarfs and quickly tied it around the bucket bringing new life to the cocktail station. Throughout the joyful evening she kept receiving compliments on the "scarf bucket" and then an idea sparked!
  • Trendy, Stylish & Always Fun

    Aysha's 20+ years in the fashion & manufacturing industry set nicebucket going pretty quickly. Soon after the party she was brainstorming ways to turn this into an actual product and began sorting through hundreds of fabric swatches to build a launch collection.
  • Durable & Cute

    The buckets are lovingly wrapped with real threaded fabric prints and then overlaid with a durable laminate protective seal. They are made of double walled construction to make sure ice stays cool for up to 5 hours. Finished with quality gold/silver hardware accessories that perfectly compliment the prints & patterns. They are a perfect way to spruce up any party or even house your beautiful tulips that your loved one brought home.

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