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DIY Deco Projects To Do At Home

Whether you’re looking to organize your home or simply spruce up your deco, it can be challenging to know how and where to get started, and don’t get me started on the lack of time in your busy schedule. Luckily, there are certain projects you can do yourself that a) won’t have you breaking the bank, b) won’t take up too much of your time, and still update your deco. Here are a few ideas to get your started while you’re at home.

1. Revamp your seating

Is that chair at the entrance starting to look worn out? Are you tired of your dining room chairs but don’t want to buy a whole new set? Then try upholstering them instead of replacing them. You don’t need much to get this done at home and you don’t need to be a master upholsterer. In fact, with simple fabric you have at home and tools that every home usually has available, you can turn almost any chair into a brand new one, making your space look fresh.

2. New knobs

Knobs: small update with a big impact. Changing up a door knob to a newer one is seemingly one of the easiest things you can do yourself in your home. All you need is a knob you like and a Phillips screwdriver. This 10 minutes DIY project can change the look of a door instantly. No more outdated knobs in your home or apartment.

3. Make curtains

I know what you’re thinking, curtains seem like an elaborate project to do. On the contrary! With double-sided fabric tape and no sewing machine, that’s right no sewing needed, you can make a nice set of curtains. The tape works the same way a seam would. All you need is to choose the fabric motif that best suits your décor. After all, curtains can make an entire room!

4. Storage without the shelves

Most of us always feel like we’re missing storage space. But having too much shelving can look even more cluttered. Why not try a pegboard? With plywood and a drill, you can easily make your own board that can hold art, shelves and plants. The best part: you can interchange the wooden pegs to your liking as often as you want.

5. Restyling your space

You don’t have to get into extensive restyling projects to revamp the vibe of a space. Sometimes all you need is one item with a multipurpose use. Your nicebucket is the perfect example of this. Not only can its variety of original designs spruce up your space, but its versatile use is sure to create a little more umph to your deco.

So, you see, you don’t always need to go big to decorate your home. You just need a little time and imagination.



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